Maroons volleyball on a rollercoaster season


CLINTON — The Lady Maroons volleyball team started the year having a rough time.  Then came a glimmer of hope on the horizon with a few wins tucked into their schedule.  The freshman team is staying consistent with splits in many of their matches and the JV (junior varsity) team is pulling off some very good upset wins as both teams are playing tough.

The varsity team, though, is roller-coastering through the season.  They surprise with an upset win but then crash.  

The team lost in two sets to the St. Teresa Lady Bulldogs (11-25/19-25) and then a couple of days later dropped another two straight sets (11-25/20-25) to the Lady Sages from Mahomet.  

There was some promise in the final Mahomet set as the Lady Maroons rallied to within 5 points of the opposition.  When the team switched to the black uniforms with maroon and gold lettering, there was a pride about a team that stood out and played well.  

Now everyone is going to the same basic uniform (some even have a variation of maroon and gold) so that everyone looks the same on the court and a team that’s struggling seems to get lost in the crowd.  

Many times the fans have loudly supported the team, but even the student section that is most boistrous was very tame at the last match.  

The team is now 1-2 in conference play and 5-11 overall.