McCubbin signs with MacMurray College

CLINTON — On Wednesday, April 12, Peyton McCubbin, the son of Tina and “Chuck” McCubbin, became another Maroons student/athlete signing to continue his education and athletic careers at the college level.  

Peyton signed to play basketball (and study) at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Ill.  Peyton, who became one of the few athletes to be in the 1,000 point club during his high school career (scoring 1,188 points) also has the distinction of being the first Maroons basketball player to sign to continue with basketball athletics in college in 11 years.  

He chose MacMurray because it is a small school with strong academics (and basketball) and has a family atmosphere, where everyone is concerned about the students succeeding.  Although Peyton is somewhat nervous about moving out on his own and being away from friends and family (although not too far away), he is excited about taking the next big step in his life.  

Peyton said that he had always had a feeling, or dream, in the back of his mind about playing college ball.  Then, in his junior year, with some prodding and leadership from his coaches, he really felt the dream was possible.  

Along with mental growth came strength training and a sense that he could do better and he gained confidence in his leadership abilities on court.  Of course, he said, he would miss his Maroons teammates and coaches, who enjoyed being around and learning from.  He expects to be worked into the Highlanders team as a shooting guard or possibly a forward, and he knows he is expected to keep up, or improve, his shooting percentages.  


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