I believe most residents don’t want wind towers

Posted 6/25/20

I believe most residents don’t want wind towers

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I believe most residents don’t want wind towers


I’ll skip the introduction and just say I believe the majority of residents of DeWitt County do not want the wind towers.
The salesmanship is very good, and all that money looks enticing.  But, what price are we willing to pay?
We have very good schools managed by people who know how to manage the money we get.  Our children already have the opportunity of a good education.
Our county is made up of farms.  Many use aerial spraying for their crops.  The towers make this very difficult.

The huge blades are a death trap for our bird population, which is already declining, and the wind towers will only add to the decline.
The flicker of the blades continually turning can be very irritating.  No one is going to want to build a home near one of these towers.  The flicker and the sound would be difficult to live with every day, day and night.  And, just the sight of these wind towers springing up and polluting the sight of our beautiful field is not good.  We know that by seeing out neighbors to the north, south and west.
In 20-30 years, these structures will be obsolete and perhaps made out of service.  But, there they will stand, tin cans in the middle of our fields going rusty.  Who is going to be responsible to remove these towers?  It takes a lot of money, and man power to remove just one.
Think about it.

Nancy Sprague
rural Clinton