I strongly urge DeWitt County to support wind energy project

My name is Benjamin Owens and I am a proud resident of DeWitt County.
I bring a unique perspective to the ongoing wind farm discussion. Before moving to DeWitt County, I served 16 years on the McLean County Board, where I was a part of the approval of two wind farms.
The developments brought in hundreds of jobs, but the biggest benefit was the money it brought in for the taxing bodies, bringing in millions of dollars of revenue to McLean County schools and municipalities.
After the development was completed, until the time I left the board, I never had one call of complaint about the windfarms. There were never any reports of health issues, negative property value impacts, nor delay in sales of property in the project areas. 
DeWitt County needs this project to add tax revenue so that property taxes are not raised to meet the need of the taxing bodies. Having seen the impact of wind farms as a county board member in my former county, I strongly encourage DeWitt County Board members to vote yes on this project.
Benjamin Owens