Richard Koritz
Posted 1/25/22


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The vast majority of Americans want this nation to flourish and be a world leader. Inherent within that message is we want our President to lead the country and to be a major player on the world scene. Even if we have political differences,

Americans want our national leaders to be seen as strong and powerful. We don’t like bullies, but we do like strong and decisive leadership.

Americans felt empowered with the leadership of George Bush after 911. President Obama proved his leadership by authorizing the attack on Osama Bin Laden. And whether one agrees or disagrees with Obamacare, Obama led the charge to change health care in this country.

Trump would authorize the drone attacks, but he also led by deregulating the economy and being the force behind getting the COVID vaccines developed. All three Presidents had differing political views and agendas. All three led the nation and we knew who was at the helm.

President Biden has yet to truly assert himself as a leader of either this nation or on the world scene. Our exit from Afghanistan was humiliating as a nation. It demonstrated weakness and our adversaries have taken note, both at home and internationally.

At home we have the defund police movement and COVID. On COVID it seems the administration is always playing catch up. Dr. Fauci appears to change the story on a weekly basis and the Center for Disease Control is constantly changing the rules.

The American public wants leadership based on scientific evidence and needs of the nation. President Biden needs to assert his authority and regain control of these appointed bureaucrats  and hold them accountable or replace them with some new blood.

Likewise with the defund the police movement, which has the support of the far left in Biden’s party. Now Biden is voicing support for the police after serious criminal actions in blue cities. Again, Biden needs to lead by asserting the need for law and order with police reform when warranted.

The leaders of both Russia and China have clearly shown their respective political goals to regain the status of Czarist Russia and the dynasties of China. Russia retook Crimea from Ukraine a few years ago. Today Russia has over 100,000 troops massed at Ukraine’s border and making political demands that affect the U. S. and its allies. China views Taiwan as part of its geography.

Today China is building military platforms on dormant volcanic islands by building them up for runways and naval stations. China has also started some aggressive military flights near Taiwanese air space.

President Biden has been if office one year and new presidents always get tested. China and Russia are the classic bullies on the block. They saw what they perceived as weakness when Biden pulled our troops out of Afghanistan without a true withdrawal plan.

Perception is all too often the key in relationships. No matter what Biden does today, he will anger some faction of political constituency. The counter truth is that if Biden does nothing, he will anger all of his constituency. Doing nothing only lets the bully win. Putin of Russia and Li of China play hardball and they play to win.  America needs leadership.

President Teddy Roosevelt described leadership as speak softly and carry a big stick. President Biden often speaks, but we haven’t seen the stick. The American public simply wants leadership from its President.

The American public deserves leadership from its Presidents. It is time for Mr. Biden to lead before the nation and the world fall into disarray.