New candidates trying to make a change for the better

Posted 10/26/20

New candidates trying to make a change for the better

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New candidates trying to make a change for the better


It is clear that new candidates running for DeWitt County Board have been unfairly mentioned by an anonymous faction in mailings, postcards, phone calls and online posts.  Having attended most board meetings over the past several years, I can attest to why these candidates decided to run for office.

In a recent mailing, it was questioned about whether new candidates (so-called “no show candidates”) didn’t want to show lack of knowledge about issues affecting the county at a recent radio forum.  Each new candidate was named in this letter and accused of numerous things. 

One new candidate was called a “Manchurian candidate,” a reference to “political thriller about the son of a prominent U.S. political family who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy.” 

Why is it necessary to name-call?  

In a recent newspaper ad, the claim was that wind turbines are being built all around.  They don’t list counties implementing ordinances protecting residents from falling blades or radar impediments, both real safety issues.

In recent postcards, it was claimed that the new candidates were recruited by a local group.  In fact, after attending many board meetings, it became obvious to each that safety of residents was not being considered at board meetings, and incumbents rarely stated reasoning for votes.

What the new candidates observed during county board meetings was unsettling and drove each to try to make a change for the better.   

Terry Husted