Impeachment—The end is near


As I write this on Tuesday, the Senate is about to begin its part of the impeachment process of President Trump. 

The beltway is fixated with the political intrigue. The rest of the nation appears to simply want the drama to end and for the nation to get back to business. It is time for this charade to end and let the voters, the average good ol’ American citizens cast their ballots in November. 

Historically the American voter has tended to be a centrist. The voters don’t want drastic changes in government and they want basic services to be present and obtainable. The American public wants steady employment, good roads, public safety, good schools, and a safety net for those in need. 

The public doesn’t want an impeachment process that has Constitutional lawyers arguing what the Constitution says. The basis for impeachment is treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. That is pretty simple and it doesn’t take a bunch of lawyers to define those terms. The House of Representatives is now seeking to impeach a President for 

Obstructing the House of Representatives. Most people refer to that as Separation of Powers. Politicians quite often disagree with each other. They may even say nasty things about the other’s position. So What. That is the political process.

Speaker Pelosi said months ago that an impeachment action was dead on arrival when it got to the Senate. That was a reasonable assessment of political reality. Then she listened to the ever vocal left wing of her party and felt fear that she would lose control of her caucus. 

Pelosi flipped and went all in on the impeachment allegations. It took her and her team a little time to settle on the wording and then it was full speed ahead. The Democrats have a significant majority in the House and Pelosi used that to her advantage. Only a couple of Democrats voted against the impeachment resolution in the House. 

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