Why doesn't the ZBA really want to hear from wind farm supporters?


On Monday, December 2I attended the DeWitt County ZBA meeting, where they discussed a group of anti-wind farm ordinance amendments. I was appalled by the way the meeting was run.

I am a wind farm supporter, and I signed up on a list to speak to the board. Once public comment began, the list was abandoned, and people wishing to speak were required to just stand up and do so. Or so I thought.

When I stood up to go speak, the ZBA chairman asked me if I was on the list. I said yes I was. The problem is that a few minutes before me, they allowed two anti-wind farm speakers to speak who were not on the list. Later on, a wind farm supporter who attempted to speak for a second time was refused the right to do so on the grounds that nobody can speak twice. Yet, later in the meeting, an anti-wind farm commenter was allowed to speak for a second time.

It seems that this meeting was run to shut out wind farm supporters from giving their opinions. The only question is, why?

Becky Fatheree