Clinton Fire Department looking to improve rating


CLINTON — If the city manages to improve its firefighting capabilities, it could mean lower insurance rates for local homeowners, according to commissioner Dan Ballenger.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) helps insurance companies, fire departments and other entities calculate future losses.  Insurers use the information to determine property / casualty insurance rates.

ISO will determine a city’s fire fighting capability and give it a grade on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the best, 10 the worst.

“There are only three 1s in the state,” said Blake West, of Clinton Fire Department.  “Springfield is one of them.”

Clinton recently received its ISO test, but the department does not yet have the results.  Test scores are based partly on a fire department’s capabilities, the local water supply facilities and 911 dispatch centers.

West said it would be about three months before the city knew its grade.

“Right now, we’re rated at a 5,” he said.

West said there was a good possibility the rating would go up when the result was known.