County hears complaints about Alta Farms area


CLINTON — DeWitt County Board members recently heard complaints about construction traffic and other issues in the area of the Enel wind energy project. 

Jodi Turney, who lives with her family in the area where preliminary site work for the wind project is underway, told board members on June 24 it had been a frustrating time since work on the project began.

“Since the construction work started for Alta Farms II, living on the corner of Mockingbird Hill and Tabor for the past two months has been extremely frustrating,” Turney told the board. 

She said most of her frustration involved the construction company’s plan of the day (POD), gravel dust and the magnesium chloride sprayed on the roads to keep the dust under control.

She also said noise was a problem as was the online portal used by residents to log complaints about the construction area.

Turney said she can never be certain that the road she uses in the morning to leave her home will be open to access when she returns at night.  She also said the PODs weren’t posted until after 9 a.m. in the morning, not early enough for people going to work to see them in advance.

She said, on some days, the company does not post a notice about that day’s work plan.

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