County reviews revised wind energy application

Company notified about application discrepancies


CLINTON — Zoning administrator Angie Sarver discovered four discrepancies in the recently-submitted Enel Green Power (Tradewind) special use application for its Alta Farms II wind energy project, land use chairman Terry Ferguson reported August 22.  The county board rejected the company’s first special use application for the proposed project, opposing board members citing some key concerns about the project.

“The decommissioning plan was not completed and approved by the county board,” Ferguson said during the county board meeting.

Ferguson said six parcels of land involved in the project were missing signatures on the leases, according to Sarver’s review.

“And, she’s looking for clarification in writing as to whether approval letters in attachment M1 from the FAA (Federal Aviation Adminstration) are for the ABLS (aircraft warning lighting system),” Ferguson said.

And, Ferguson said the site plan needed to include locations for buried cables, guide lines and anchor bases for the wind turbine towers.

He said the plan was to notify Enel about the discrepancies.

“And, if they get it all corrected, she’s ready to accept the application,” Ferguson said.

Enel recently announced it has submitted a new special use application

“We took some time the past few months to analyze the previous application process and to think about the future of the project” Alta Farms II development manager Kyle Lockhause, said in a media release.   “Additionally, we heard from a lot of folks, residents, small business owners, landowners, community members, the people who build the turbine towers right here in this county.”

Lockhause said it was after discussion with their community partners the company decided to submit a new application.