County seeks capital bill funds


CLINTON — DeWitt County officials have sent a letter to Gov. Pritzker to solicit funds for Clinton Lake marina as part of Pritzker’s upcoming capital improvement bill for the state.

The request for funds is generally an annual occurrence during which state legislators ask their districts to apply for capital improvement funds for various projects.

Toward the end of Rep. Bill Mitchell’s last term as representative, he helped secure $100,000 for the DeWitt County Friendship Center.  Those funds are still pending.

County officials have been in contact with Rep. Dan Caulkins about applying for funds.

In recent years, the county has spent about $300,000 to make the marina ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, as directed by the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

The county spent another $300,000 for a new sewage disposal facility as well as $200,000 to repair the marina’s breakwater and repair the roof over one of the boat docks.

The county stressed the economic importance of the marina in making its application for funds.  Officials identified three proposed projects for the funds, completion of the breakwater at $90,000, resurface the lower marina parking lot at $100,000, and replace the roofs of Dock 1 and 2 at $160,000.

“If legislation is approved that could lend any assistance with these projects, the county board would be grateful,” county chairman David Newberg read from the letter during the recent county board meeting.

“You never know what will happen with a capital development bill,” Newberg said.  “It could be nothing; it could be something.”

Board member Terry Ferguson said Caulkins also was going to push to first get the state to release funds promised to the Friendship Center and money also awarded to Clinton AmVets through recent capital bills.