COVID-19 created challenges for two hospital budgets

Warner Hospital now at 98 percent of operating revenue


CLINTON — On Monday, Warner Hospital CEO Paul Skowron gave city commissioners an overview of the hospital’s 2022 fiscal year (FY) budget.  Skowron talked about the challenges to the budgets caused by the COVID-19 restrictions. 

Skowron said the hospital’s 2020 FY budget was particularly challenging toward its end in May, owing to the pandemic shut-down, which closed some services temporarily. 

“That continued until May, which was the beginning of the 2021 budget,” Skowron said. 

The beginning of the 2021 budget also proved a challenge, he added.

“So, we had to work with the projected actual numbers for the first eight months that were starting with the shut-down and then increasing 5 percent each month until we got to something that was more normal,” Skowron said.

He said it was necessary to compare a shut-down year to a reopening year. 

“It’s typically a comparison of the eight months normalized activity with 12 months as your base.” Skowron said.  “As a result, we are presenting a conservative budget for 2022.”

The 2022 hospital budget includes an excess of revenue over expenses of $233,262.  The budget assumes that all positions are filled.
“Now, we’ve really never in the past six years filled all our positions,” he said.  “But, the budget includes all filled positions and includes adjustments, where necessary, and meeting the minimum wage requirements and things like that.”

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