J&J Treasures opens in downtown Clinton


CLINTON — Jeffrey Dyer had been selling items out of his garage for the past couple of years but recently decided to expand and open a storefront with business partner John Snyder.

J&J Treasures opened one week ago at 110 N. Monroe Street.  Some residents might remember it as the former location of a vape shop.

Dyer said business on his opening weekend was great.  His new store is filled with a variety of collectible items, furniture and odds and ends, and he has no shortage of available stock.  

“I’ve got a friend with 40 storage units full of stuff,” Dyer said.

On this day, Dyer was getting some help in the shop from Thomas Butts.

Dyer began announcing the pending opening of his store in early January, keeping people up on how it was progressing.  You can visit him on Facebook at J&J Treasures.

Gauging how business is going, Dyer said he might adjust store hours at some point, concentrating more on days nearest the weekend.

Current store hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Saturday.