Local COVID-19 update: 6/7-6/17


DeWitt/Piatt COVID Update

06/07/2021 Monday

No cases reported.


06/08/2021 Tuesday

DeWitt: 1 new case in Wapella.

Piatt: No cases reported.


06/09/2021 Wednesday

DeWitt: 2 new cases in Clinton.

Piatt: No cases reported.


06/10/2021 Thursday

DeWitt: 1 case reported in Waynesville.

Piatt: 2 new cases in Cerro Gordo.


06/11/2021 Friday

No cases reported.


06/12/2021 Saturday

No cases reported.


06/13/2021 Sunday

DeWitt: No cases reported.

Piatt: 1 new case in Monticello.


06/14/2021 Monday

DeWitt: No cases reported

Piatt: 1 new case in Pierson.


06/15/2021 Tuesday

DeWitt: 1 new case in Wapella.

Piatt: No cases reported.


06/16/2021 Wednesday

No cases reported.

 06/17/2021 Thursday - 06/23/2021 Wednesday

No cases reported in DeWitt or Piatt County.


With these additional cases, DeWitt Co has had a total of 1622 cases; Piatt Co has had a total of 1571 cases. Over the past week, DeWitt Co has had 0 cases, Piatt Co has had 0 cases. There have now been a total of 29 deaths in DeWitt Co and 14 deaths in Piatt Co due to COVID-19. Case numbers have gone down significantly in both counties over the last month.

All first dose vaccination appointments for COVID are available through our offices.  Please call us for an appointment.  In DeWitt Co, call (217)935-3427 ext 2141 or in Piatt Co, call (217) 762-7911 ext 2211.  You can also receive vaccination through our local Walgreens, or through state sponsored vaccination clinics in areas nearby.

Additional vaccination information is located here: https://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19/vaccine-faq  and  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/faq.html

According to IDPH data, 11,447 doses of COVID vaccine have been administered in DeWitt Co, including 75.72 percent of those aged 65 and older, the population at greatest risk.  In addition, 13,756 doses have been administered in Piatt Co, including 83.77% of those aged 65 and older.