Village of Wapella to purchase new safe


WAPELLA — After the theft of money and a small safe from the Village of Wapella, the board of trustees voted to purchase a new $718 safe for the Village Hall at its April 18 meeting. The new safe will be bolted to the floor and only the village treasurer will have the code to open the safe.

“There was an issue with missing money,” said newly elected village president Sherry Mears, who added there would be additional security measures of accountability for anyone who accepts money.

Mears said the village would be going to online billing soon and suggested that would eliminate much of the problem. Others at the meeting said even though the bills are not to be paid in cash, many residents insist on doing so. Mears said anyone who accepts money must sign a receipt with their name.

The previous village president Bryan Atwood, who along with Holly Hamm, was sworn in as a trustee. Two newly elected trustees, Mike Daab and Tracey Mann, were not in attendance. There was no candidate for the office of village clerk. Kim Donovan has been serving as the FOIA clerk for the village.

During the board’s discussion of the park, the conversation turned to the Friends of Wapella Wall of Honor that will be built on park property. Construction will begin this spring, according to a sign recently posted there. Forms to submit veterans’ names to be included will be available. A Facebook page, Friends of Wapella Veterans, reports a groundbreaking will be held in May. 

Mears asked Atwood how much money is being raised for the memorial to which Atwood responded, “don’t know yet.” Atwood added he didn’t have to release how much money is being raised because the project is just beginning and directed those interested to refer to the group’s Facebook page. 

Atwood declined to answer further questions about the memorial stating the item was not on the agenda. Mears told him they were discussing the park and since the memorial will be in the park, it was appropriate. 

“I’m done talking about the park, especially when it comes to this memorial,” said Atwood. 

Mears said she would place the discussion item on the next agenda.

In other action:

A representative of the Farnsworth Group spoke to the board about two unpaid invoices from August and September. The board approved payment.

The board approved an amended intergovernmental animal control ordinance with DeWitt County.

Atwood told the board Action Roofing would put a new roof on the community center in three weeks at a cost not to exceed $18,000. Atwood was asked about only one bid and he said only one bid is required because it is less than $25,000. Action Roofing put the last roof on 20 years ago, said Atwood.

Atwood said the park recently received a “sizable donation” and he is working to insure her requests are met with specific requests for trees and plants. Atwood said he wants to pressure wash and paint or stain the columns and dugouts and possible the scoreboard. Playground mulch was also requested. 

Approved the temporary hiring of Blake Harvey as a new employee for the village at $13.50 an hour.