Wapella board votes to keep Area Disposal


WAPELLA — A pitch from Republic, the municipal waste hauler, appeared to interest members of the Wapella Village Board on Tuesday.  But, in the end, the board voted to retain Area Disposal for handling residents’ refuse.

A proposal brought forth from Republic included some features board members liked, primarily the curbside pickup of non-trash items, old furniture, mattresses, etc.  A representative of Republic attended the meeting.

“If you have a mattress or couch that’s put out, we may not get it the day of pick up, we take a picture of it and send it in to dispatch, and we have a bulky waste truck that comes back and services,” a representative for Republic told trustees.

He said they could eliminate single-point pick up locations by picking items up at the curbs of residences.  The amount placed at the curb would have to be “within reason” he said.

Republic also offered recycling pick up.

Area Disposal also offers recycling pick up at the curb or a community single-point pick up location.  Wapella currently is served by Area.

One trustee reported Area had never missed picking up her trash in 11 years.  Another trustee said there were reports from other residents their trash frequently was not picked up by Area.

Ultimately, the board voted 4-2 to retain Area Disposal with curbside recycling pick up.  Area submitted the lowest rate with their proposal.