What a day for a (father’s) daydream

Marc Rogers
Posted 6/28/18

What a day for a (father’s) daydream

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What a day for a (father’s) daydream


What a day for a daydream!  June 17 was a long time coming, but the wait was well worth it.  

My daughter has always wanted to go to a “real” ballgame with me, preferably the Cubs and Cardinals at Wrigley Field.  Or maybe Busch Stadium.  It finally happened - Fathers Day 2018.  My lovely daughter took me (a sports journalist of sorts) to a Cubs / Cards game at Busch Stadium.  

As we walked one of the streets, there was a star in the sidewalk with Stan Musial’s name etched into it and an accompanying plaque with his story on it.  I told her the only other major league game I had attended was at the original Busch Stadium (have I dated myself yet) in the 1950s, and I watched Stan Musial play baseball.  I don’t even remember who the opposing team was, but I got to see Stan “the Man” Musial play ball.

Of course, we found a quaint place for dinner before the game, a place called “Fitz’s” across from “Blueberry Hill.”  Several Clintonians seem to recognize the name “Blueberry Hill” as a reference point.  Anyway, “Fitz’s” is a microbrewery for soda pop.  They make 25-plus flavor,s and you can watch the assembly line while eating.  Sooo, back to the game.  

The new Busch Stadium is immense, much larger than the original, and with all the “nose bleed” balconies.  And, there’s a T.V. screen I can actually watch without squinting - but I am actually in the stadium and am watching the game live (and scoring it, of course).  So who needs the T.V. - we do for instant replays and close ups!  

It is exciting at a small town venue when the crowd gets behind its team, but multiply that by thousands.  It truly sends chills through your body.  Although our team lost (they did take the series 2-1) it was a moment of a lifetime to be at a “REAL” game with your kid on Fathers Day.  And, as for the game, the Cards won 4-0 and, yes, between my daughter and me, we scored the entire game.  What real sports journalist wouldn’t ?  

By the way, did I mention that my daughter caught a foul ball in the 9th inning off the bat of the Cubs left fielder Kyle Schwarber, and then gave me the ball as a souvenir?  Yes fans, what a Fathers Day 2018!