Maroons’ freshmen outscore Trojans 53-37


CLINTON — Wednesday, February 24, saw the Maroon freshman squad take to the home court facing arch R. 51 rival, the Maroa/Forsyth Trojans. 

The Trojans came in at full strength, while the home team had players sitting out due to playing on the varsity the day before.  Clinton had six players in the mix.  But, Clinton freshmen showed this was all they needed to put the Trojans away.

The Maroons fired off a 12-4 run in the first quarter and followed it with a 23-13 run in the second quarter for a huge 35-17 halftime lead. 

With the Trojans platooning in fresh players, and only one in the Maroons shuffle, the score slowed, closing the gap by a few points.  But, the Maroons strong pride held in third quarter and hung tough in the final stanza as the Trojans staged a last ditch effort on a 12-7 run. 

This was too little and very late as the final tally was Clinton 53 - Maroa/Forsyth 37. 

The Maroons were led by Brooks Cluver with 27 points backed by Derek Filkin with 11 points.